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Friday, January 8, 1988

In order cuisine Semur Feel Legit

Cooking stew, whether it's sumer knows, meat or chicken, at first glance seem very easy. But in fact, not as easy as she can cook the stew with flavors that really - really legit and delicious. What's the secret that is guaranteed to indulge tongue? 

Almost every region in Indonesia has a concoction of cooking stews, ranging from Manado stews, fried stew Samarinda, stews Ternate plus vinegar, stew beef tongue and brain in Bali, stew meat in coconut milk stew in Aceh and Maluku. Even the squid, chicken, spinach and pancakes were also processed into stew. 

Given its history in Indonesia, has become the culinary stew hereditary. Each region has its distinctive characteristics of each in the stew to serve. Synonymous with home cuisine that evokes nostalgia for the audience to their respective village. And content of stews taste is also quite diverse with the basic elements resulting from the spices in Indonesia namely pepper, nutmeg, cloves, plus a sweet soy sauce.

Not only in the dominance of chicken and beef meat, stews creations can also be replaced with other protein sources sperti eggs, tofu, tempeh, combined with potatoes and other vegetables. In accordance with its original meaning in Dutch, means smoor meat dishes are braised with tomatoes and onions slowly. In Indonesia, there are a variety of spices to make stews and flavor processing methods are becoming increasingly diverse. Cooking stew has become the culinary tradition since the 1600's under the Dutch. 

Although each region has its own traditions in cooking stews, but according to expert culinary chef Ragil Imam Wibowo, the danger must be fresh. Quick-cooking stew depends whether meat is used. Hard parts such as the thigh meat will be tender in about empay hours, otherwise it will taste much different. Well of meat should be cooked a minimum of four hours, if the chicken three hours. Mature fish are the fastest, while the meat has inside and outside only takes one hour. In order to rapidly mature the acid is usually added something at the end of processing. The function of acid that helps soften the meat so that it becomes mature rapidly, usually used to quickly ripe tomatoes, vinegar can also make it more simple or disposable starfruit. 

What about seasoning issues? Composition of the spices should be balanced, not dominant red onions or white onions, garlic can highlight when we want to retrieve the dominant flavor is fresh-tasting, such as wearing seafood as it tends to fishy. Green tomatoes can replace garlic to create a fresh taste.



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